The US has plunged itself into political turmoil steering towards a dictatorship. of course, there are checks and balances in Congress and even the Supreme Court. However, the chains are off as Trump continues to fire his cabinet or his cabinet members continue to resign.

Further to that, the protectionist immigration policy is really an extension of the general shift to protectionism — trade tariffs and the recent appointments of John Bolton and Mike Pompeo. Honestly, the mid-terms are a loose cannon, because the Democrats may not get a majority after all. Now, Ryan’s decision not to seek re-election may have propped the Democrats, but they still don’t have a very strong platform after the 2016 electoral defeat.

I applaud Canada for being more open-minded. Trudeau continues to bring good things for Canada — some may disagree. However, I have only heard good things. One of the best things is the open borders and allowing foreign nationals to come who have skills!

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