The Unintended Consequences of Plasticising Sex

Adam E. Badenhorst
4 min readSep 6, 2018
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We have entered an era in our existence that plastics seemingly dominated the way people are intimate. Most have needs, it’s our human nature. Of course, some may not, and there is nothing wrong with that. But, for those who do have needs, the way of satisfying those needs has become artificial. An example that comes to mind is the one child policy that dominated mainland China’s families for decades and led to the rise of the sex doll industry.

One child policy

The policy came into effect during the 1970s in China in an effort to curb the booming population. The policy was further ratified and tailored in 1980 with the Government standardising the policy. The results of this policy saw the birth rate declining after 1980. Further, families preferred having sons over daughters. The extent to which women would go to have a son were infanticide or abortions. Obviously this paints a fairly miserable picture and one that caused there to be a disbalance in society between men and women. The disproportion leads to there being 3 to 4 per cent more men than women.

Rise of the sex doll

If I were a young man in China, I could imagine it being really difficult to find a women and fulfil my parents’ goals of having family and making a life for myself. It could imagine it being terribly difficult to live if I couldn’t find myself a woman with whom I’d make a family. Well, the same could be said for other Chinese males who fall into the same boat.

Now, the solution to this problem is that we have created and manufactured sex dolls. Of course, the doll suits the immediate need. It also provides some kind of way for a person to feel satisfied. Satisfaction for a short moment with a lasting skewed vision of sex and intimacy, but also women.

Customisable women

The beauty of the sex doll is that it can be customised in any which way a person desires. Imagine having the ideal woman with no changes, no tiredness, and the drive to go at any time? It would sound appealing for some. The problem that comes with that is that it sets an unreasonable expectation regarding a woman.

If someone become accustomed to using a sex doll, then it may lead them to…

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