The New GOP Without Balls and a Jockstrap

Adam E. Badenhorst
3 min readNov 4, 2019
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It’s no surprise that the brewing political storm in the US continues to raise eyebrows. Political affiliations aside for a second, Donald Trump, seems embroiled in a scandal out of which he can’t get himself. One doesn’t have to look too far — Twitter tells a tale. If you take a moment to compare Trump’s reactions to those of Clinton in 1998, they are different. Clinton focused and got more done in the last two years of his presidency than he did six years prior. The President isn’t doing himself any favours. Instead, he is giving the GOP more and more grief every day.

From my honest point of view, the problem we face today is that the GOP has absolutely lost its balls and jockstrap. The GOP’s conduct and approach would mortify the McCains or Lincolns of the party. They are sitting ducks banding together behind someone who doesn’t represent American values and more importantly, a poor excuse for a conservative. And, they are remaining silent during a critical moment — Watergate 2.0, actually if there is a quid quo pro with Ukraine, then that’s arguably worse than Watergate.

Now, I wouldn’t want to be Mitch McConnell. He is in a tight spot with the President pushing down on him and while trying to keep the Senate majority together. It may be a tight rope to walk one with a fundamental question to answer. That question is the following: what’s more critical — politics or country? McConnell right now doesn’t seem to have or act based on the answer to that question which is why the party doesn’t have the balls that it should.

Regardless of what any anonymous whistleblower has said, Vindman, Taylor, and others have provided explosive, damning testimony. These testimonies about the President’s actions have damaged the President’s credibility. And, it’s quite convenient that the GOP was ready to come out swinging to criticise Democrats about the closed-door testimonies. What happened during Watergate?

What’s more interesting is that the GOP was pleased to scold Trump on his withdrawal of American troops from Syria. Why scold him on that aspect of foreign policy, but not on Ukraine and the fact there is an undercover, rogue foreign secretary in Rudy Giuliani? Such a decision seems somewhat hypocritical and more convenient. Why are we complacent and selective in our criticism of the…

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