Staying Sane During Trump’s Coronavirus Fiasco

Adam E. Badenhorst
3 min readApr 18, 2020
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Quarantine has become mainstream and keeping me at home full time. Needing to adjust to this new way of life has been difficult at times. Having said that, I’ve had a chance to keep up on Twitter and sometimes it drives me nuts. I even had a chance to watch a couple of the Presidents’ pressers. I ended up turning those off. They are MAGA rallies instead of coherent pressers aimed at providing Americans with transparency and a plan.

We even reached a point where Dr Drew, Dr Oz and Dr Phil all get on Fox and somehow diminish the coronavirus impact. Further, others like Laura Ingraham on Fox also spew incessant falsehoods and misinformation. After hearing a few lines, I get tired of it. As a result, I switched off the TV and was looking more at Twitter.

I finally concluded that Donald Trump is entirely incompetent to handle this crisis. He has no meaningful plan to eradicate coronavirus after having intel telling him months before a pandemic looms. The fact is that Americans have a choice to make — subscribe to this crap for another four years or vote him out in the November election.

The time is now to accept Trump and by extension, the MAGA cult’s inability to assess reality rationally is here. Of course, there are some Democrats who are lunatics too, but at this point, we should all agree that Biden is the only alternative. And, Biden is the only one who can respect the US Constitution. If you recall that President Trump announced during his pressers that Governors should appreciate him and that he has “total” authority to re-open the economy. The former becomes shear lunacy to fulfil the ego of a narcissist. The Tenth Amendment of the US Constitution prohibits the latter. Nonetheless, the mere fact that we hear these words should raise serious alarm bells.

While the above was surprising, I learned to accept that we have entered the next stage of MAGA that includes widespread social unrest and potential sedition. This past week, President Trump tweeted three tweets in succession calling for the liberation of three states — Michigan, Virginia, and Minnesota. That could amount to sedition — who does that? It doesn’t stop him.

The President continues to go off the rails in particular when it comes to anything criticising him. Everyone should know…



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