Power Up Your Brand With These 5 Essential Tips

Adam E. Badenhorst
3 min readDec 19, 2017

You may have the greatest product or service in the world. It may be the hip new thing going out there in the world, and can revolutionise the industry or niche it targets. To ensure that your product or service needs a brand. The brand conveys what your audience can get out of it. In other words, what is in it for them.

For the purposes of this article, I assume that you are already using social media like LinkedIn, Facebook, Instragram, etc.

Now, I want to provide you 5 essential tips to power up your brand.

Tip 1: Develop a Compelling Story

You need a story that will strike a particular emotion in your audience. They need to feel connected to your story. For example, it could be happiness, relief, compassion, whatever the emotion is, it’s your brand’s emotion.

There are various mediums that you can present your story — video, text, or a combination of both. Personally, I think video is a great way to do it. Video is becoming the modern way forward — people want a 1 or 2 minute clip to watch and not a 10 minute article to read. Please note, I am not diminishing the power of written content.

Tip 2: Get Competitive Intel

Get on Ahrefs.com and start checking out your competitors keywords and backlinks. It provides you an opportunity to know what’s trending in the industry including the keywords. Although the keyword is SEO related, you want people to associate your brand with specific keywords. That’s where the ahrefs part comes in — check what your competitors are ranking for and choose accordingly.

Tip 3: Start a Blog

Even if you don’t like writing, start writing. You can engage followers with stories that are personal, and adding value for them. It’s also an opportunity to provide them with value-add with information directly or indirectly related to your product or service that is useful for them.

For example, if you are selling jewellery, you could also provide a review on the latest L’Oreal cream. It can add value for your customers, so that they can browse the jewellery plus have some additional information indirectly related to jewellery. Consumers are after education and being educated.

Tip 4: Create Educational Content

Selling and pitching your content is great. It’s part of product or service promotion. It is important that you are educating consumers. Your content needs to educate them on use and applicability. To demonstrate those two criteria, you can use a whitepaper or case study.

You can include a testimonial inside the case study to strengthen it. However, the potential buyer is on his or her journey and collection lots of information. Remember, you don’t want to overload them rather you want to educate them with relevant, pertinent information. Let people associate your brand with educating and empowering them to make an informed decision.

Tip 5: CSR Activities

Giving back to your community makes a difference. People want to know what you are doing to promote humanity and take care of the environment. They like to see you giving back to the community through charitable activities or donations. There are many activities like painting a school or feeding the poor at the soup kitchen that make a difference. You are killing two birds with one stone — helping the community and building your brand.

I just want to highlight one thing here: Always do CSR activities out of good will and with authenticity.

There you have it, 5 essential tips to power up your brand. You can adopt these tips individually or as a collective to make a difference in what you’re trying to achieve.



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