MeToo Movement’s Corrosive Consequences

Adam E. Badenhorst
6 min readJun 8, 2019
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Disclaimer: If this subject could offend you, I caution you to read further. It could offend some of your sensibilities. I am totally for women’s rights and protecting them, but I think we’ve crossed a line.

Indeed, sexual abuse or sexual misconduct, as well as any other form of derogatory behaviour against women, is on the rise and unacceptable. It’s also known that gender equality is still a problem both in the developing world and the developed world. There is no such thing as equality for all.

A #MeToo movement arises for these reasons. The intention is good. However, it has corrosive consequences that we need to consider. Moreover, it’s not apparent to me that we recognise the detriment that it has caused.

Here are a few consequences that equate to toxic feminism.

The convenience of alleging sexual misconduct

There are others like Harvey Weinstein out there. Alternatively, you have the Bill Cosby types in the world too. Both of these men and others like them are terrible and bring good men a bad reputation. That’s true. However, here is something I don’t understand.

I don’t understand is why we have the Blasey-Ford’s of the world that decide to speak up only at the time that their alleged attacker is running for public office. It surprises me for two reasons. Firstly, 20 odd years have passed and likely the memories are distorted, and secondly, why now?

I am sure that women’s advocates may have arguments and criticism about my case, but I’d like to ask the following important question: if Kavanaugh would have never been appointed to be a Supreme Court Justice, would Blasey-Ford have spoken up?

It seems exceptionally convenient that it was only at the time of Kavanaugh’s nomination that she dared to speak up. Also, I’d go on to argue that she would have not if he weren’t nominated. It was a time for her to shine under the spotlight. While I don’t suggest that someone didn’t attack her, her testimony seemed awkward and even missing critical parts. It just doesn’t make sense.

Diminishing credibility of real victims

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