Joe Biden is the Only Viable Option in 2020

Adam E. Badenhorst
5 min readMay 4, 2020

The former Vice President is in his third presidential bid. This time around, he faces off against Donald Trump as the presumptive Democratic nominee. The way he got to this position happened suddenly with a win in South Carolina that all but saved his campaign. Then, he followed up with a crushing Super Tuesday blowout specifically in Texas. Now, Biden faces a tough road ahead. He needs to excite young voters in the Sanders camp, answer sexual assault claims, and most importantly show he is the better alternative — a much lower bar than previously.

Exciting young voters

Younger voters often flocked to Sander’s camp over the Biden during the Democratic primary. Since becoming the presumptive nominee, Biden’s appeal towards younger voters continues to improve especially over President Trump. According to recent polls, Biden is winning the under 35 segment with a minimum 50% compared to President Trump.

These numbers seem positive for the former Vice President. However, the onus remains on the former Vice President to continue exciting younger voters up until the 2020 election. Arguably, Sanders’ endorsement will aid Biden in continuing to win this segment. Equally crucial for Biden is making sure that the younger voters come out in November to vote. In addition, this need applies to another vital part where young voters are living — suburbanites.

Based on the 2020 primary results in Texas and Michigan and other states, suburbanites propelled Joe Biden to victory. In Texas, Harris County and the Dallas/Ft. Worth areas were full of voters who came out to vote. Similarly in Michigan, Oakland and Wayne counties on the outskirts of Detroit propelled Biden to a convincing win in a state that Sanders won 4 years earlier. Undoubtedly, both of these decisive wins in Texas and Michigan do help, but again these are primaries, and Biden has still work to do there.

Sexual assault claims

Tara Reade is a name that resurfaces again. And, there seems to be another claim from another Senate staffer. These claims present a challenge to President Trump turning them into a weapon and more importantly Biden to fend off the ‘Creepy Joe’ and paedophile complaints or suggestions.

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