Joe Biden is the Only Viable Option in 2020

The former Vice President is in his third presidential bid. This time around, he faces off against Donald Trump as the presumptive Democratic nominee. The way he got to this position happened suddenly with a win in South Carolina that all but saved his campaign. Then, he followed up with a crushing Super Tuesday blowout specifically in Texas. Now, Biden faces a tough road ahead. He needs to excite young voters in the Sanders camp, answer sexual assault claims, and most importantly show he is the better alternative — a much lower bar than previously.

Exciting young voters

Younger voters often flocked to Sander’s camp over the Biden during the Democratic primary. Since becoming the presumptive nominee, Biden’s appeal towards younger voters continues to improve especially over President Trump. According to recent polls, Biden is winning the under 35 segment with a minimum 50% compared to President Trump.

These numbers seem positive for the former Vice President. However, the onus remains on the former Vice President to continue exciting younger voters up until the 2020 election. Arguably, Sanders’ endorsement will aid Biden in continuing to win this segment. Equally crucial for Biden is making sure that the younger voters come out in November to vote. In addition, this need applies to another vital part where young voters are living — suburbanites.

Based on the 2020 primary results in Texas and Michigan and other states, suburbanites propelled Joe Biden to victory. In Texas, Harris County and the Dallas/Ft. Worth areas were full of voters who came out to vote. Similarly in Michigan, Oakland and Wayne counties on the outskirts of Detroit propelled Biden to a convincing win in a state that Sanders won 4 years earlier. Undoubtedly, both of these decisive wins in Texas and Michigan do help, but again these are primaries, and Biden has still work to do there.

Sexual assault claims

Tara Reade is a name that resurfaces again. And, there seems to be another claim from another Senate staffer. These claims present a challenge to President Trump turning them into a weapon and more importantly Biden to fend off the ‘Creepy Joe’ and paedophile complaints or suggestions.

In terms of the President, he has a complicated relationship with women. The President has trashed talked women in a bus interview as well as there are 25+ women who claim the President acted inappropriately with them. Most recently, the President actually shot down a central message of his campaign against by Biden, in contradiction to campaign staffers, during an interview with Dan Bogino. Instead of attacking the Vice President, he defended him and rather attacked baseless sexual assault claims on powerful men. The President’s claims may have undesirable effects towards women’s right. But, they may in some way aid Biden — remains to be seen.

On the flip side, Morning Joe grilled Biden on the Tara Reade. During that interview, Biden unequivocally denied the allegations. And, the former Vice President went on to address a letter to the Secretary of the Senate to release any documents related to Tara Reade. What’s more interesting about these sexual assault claims is the way in which the media is handling them.

The media has been much more cautious in handling these claims. When compared to Kavanaugh, which was a total circus, the media went over the top. Regardless of whether or not Kavanaugh is guilt doesn’t apply here. What applies here is that there is a double standard which may undermine the legitimacy of sexual assault claims being made public and the way they are handled when involving a high profile person.

Now, in talking about high profile person, former President Obama vetted all the VP candidates that he was considering. As we know, Joe Biden was selected and underwent such an intensive vetting process. The conclusion of such vetting was there is nothing. Rather, these claims seem to be an attack from disgruntled far Lefters who feel let down by Sanders losing the nomination again. Clearly, there are those who are disappointed and disgruntled when their candidate loses. On the other hand, this election brings in a whole different component — Biden has to show only that he’s the better alternative.

Biden — the better alternative

Arguably, the 2020 election is a referendum on President Trump. As such, the opposing candidate has to show that they are the better alternative. And, what’s important to know is that this test applies to both sides of the aisle. While some don’t like Biden at all who sit on the left, some conservatives will not vote for Trump.

Trump doesn’t hold to true conservatism or its principles, and his mental state and overall stability have come into question again. As such, some on the right do not believe that he can meet their needs. The meaning here is that conservatives will end up voting for Joe Biden. The reason is simple — Joe Biden is the better alternative compared to four more years of Trumpian politics.

While Biden may receive some moderate right-wing support, all factions of the Democratic party need to coalesce once and for all behind Biden. Now, Biden has to work hard to bring voters to join his camp and vote for him in November. But, the Sanders and Warren endorsements may be the key to help Biden working to reach the respective voters in the progressive segment of the Democratic party. And, perhaps progressives will get Biden to inch a little bit more left on healthcare with the Sanders led the healthcare task force.

Final Thoughts

There is no doubt that the 2020 election cycle will be one of the most chaotic and challenging ones. It will also be one of the most profound elections of our time that may alter the course of US politics forever. The election boils down to a businessman turned politician who has a cult-like following int he MAGA/KAG movement against a former VP who served in the Obama administration. The choice should be simple, but it will be up to voters to weigh in on their decision and hopefully choose the candidate that is the better alternative.

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