How To Make Your 2018 Wildly Successful

Adam E. Badenhorst
3 min readDec 30, 2017

The year 2017 is rapidly coming to an end. I can say for myself it has been one heck of year with personal circumstances changing, and a job change to boot. Reflecting into 2018, it’s a great idea to make it a successful one. I don’t wantto lecture you on the habits of successful people — there are many of those out there.

What I do want to talk about are Wildly Important Goals (WIGs).

What is a WIG?

A WIG is a goal that respects the 80/20 rule and is so important that if not achieved would negatively harm your personal life or your business. For this reason, you can only have 2–3 of them.

In case you are not sure, the 80/20 rule refers to 20% of the effort generates 80% of the outcomes. In other words, it’s a an area where you are focusing quite a lot of energy to provide you great returns. As I said, think of it as being something that will could adversely impact you if not achieved.

How do you develop one a WIG?

I am a fan of the SMART way of goals. I like it as it helps me maintain focus on designing a goal that is not only specific, but attainable and reasonable. It makes no sense to come up with a goal that you can’t achieve. When coming up with the WIG, think of what potential roadblocks you may encounter and who can help you clear the road.

I do recognise there are other methodologies out there, but I believe SMART works quite well.

How do I know if I achieved?

I think you will know it. If you come up with a proper WIG then you will know it. For example, if you don’t achieve it your business could crash or be adversely affected.

Does it have an impact on my Personal brand?

Absolutely does. It shows people if you are committed to achieve your goals and how you go about doing it. Of course, you may be discouraged at times, but you need to continue. For example, if you have a growth goal, then I can understand 1 bad client feedback can set you back — you have to dust off your shoulders and keep going to show others you can achieve results.

Remember, at the end of the day, results are what counts.

I hope you can see why these WIGs are so important. The goals can set you up for a very positive, successful 2018. You should learn a lot along the way as you embark on this journey. If you apply all you have to it along with perseverance, then I think it’s a great way to start.

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Key Takeaway: There are many successful habits out there. I think one of the biggest contributors to that are WIGs. These WIGs mean that they have significant importance to you and should motivate to achieve them. You should create SMART goals and identify any roadblocks that may come along.

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