Honorability and Chivalry Gone Forever or Simply Redefined?

Adam E. Badenhorst
4 min readJan 4, 2018

Change in generations’ views has shifted the way society works. Millennials are the powerhouse taking society forward from North America to Asia, and down to Australia and Chile. With this generation comes with it redefined gender roles. More and more ladies are having children much later on in life, and men have become lazier. The generational gender identities have vastly changed the family roles. The focus here is whether or not honourability and chivalry have disappeared or society has merely redefined them.

Gone forever or simply redefined?

Women are more educated today and bolster decorated careers whether as executives, entrepreneurs, civil servants, or in some other way. Men have since received more competition although not equally in all societies. Even Saudi Arabia has made progress in providing women rights. With that said, and the transition of more women in the workforce, has honourability and chivalry disappeared forever? In most cases, families rely on both parents, or there are more stay at home Dads. Days of Dad working hard in the fields to put food on the table are gone for the most part. Naturally technology has infused changed in life too.

On the other hand, could we simply argue that millennials have redefined for society what chivalry and honourability mean? With the rise of female independence, does the need to hold the door simply fall away? Inequality between men and women exists still in the world as we have noted before. However, bearing that in mind, does that mean women no longer need or men to wait on them hand and foot?

With the rise in technology and the changes in roles of men and women, the words have been redefined. Nowadays, fathers play a more hands on role in their families more than previously. Perhaps, this more hand-on approach equates to the modern definition of chivalry and honourability. Always being around the children and challenging them can lead to honourability.

What about for single men and women or those without families? Is being emotionally supportive and supporting the other to grow their career and self-worth the new meaning of honourability? The recognition of wider sexual orientations can drastically change the influence of these words too. The modern gay man or lesbian has more and more rights that previously didn’t exist. However, surely more progress on that to be made especially in regions such as Russia or Uganda where it is still unacceptable socially or even criminally forbidden.

Modern Way Forward

The modern way forward will shift continuously. As the older generation reaches their time, millennials will continue to influence these two words. Will we see in the future that these two words completely die out of our vocabulary? Or, could we experience a cyclical revert to it after a cultural shift?

History always repeats itself, but culture may not follow such a pattern. In an effect, the role of men and women has created a shift in lifestyle. Such a shift changes the meaning of roles that traditionally were quite strict and bounded. Today, the roles are much more fluid. Society seems to create such an androgynous environment. Men have lost their sense of traditional masculinity with teens today more and more lazy or not as successful as their female counterparts.

The above statement may seem quite sexist. However, do not be mistaken, it is meant to be a critical evaluation of our societal standing. Younger men in their late teens, and 20s until their 30s, have lost their footing in society. They have become intentionally lazy and not achieving results.

Society has removed that lust and fire that existed beforehand. The view that someone else will do it or it is not needed right now. Doesn’t help to take a charitable role, and let someone else do it. Regardless of the societal evolution that unfolds in front of our eyes, the man needs to retain his strength and ownership. This ownership helps define chivalry and honourability that is sorely lacking in society. Yes, women have become educated which is good to advance us all forward. This does not mean that men get a free pass to sponge off the system.


Much has changed in society over the last 25 years. However, we need to ensure that honourability and chivalry prevail even in a modern way. Younger men have to learn their place in life and contribute to the long-standing, ethical advancement of society. Sitting out and waiting for others does not solve the current challenge.

Women are contributing positively to society, and men need to learn how to accommodate women’s new role. In doing so, they should also complement female contributions and support their partners and families. For those who do not have families or identify with another sexual orientation, the same still applies. Those men need to step it up too!

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