Hi Jere,

I appreciate your taking the time to read my piece.

I do understand what you mean, but would be worried if we characterise people as good vs bad. My reasoning is two fold:

  1. These terms are very subjective
  2. How would we concretely say someone is a bad person when they most likely are not in a rational state of mind, e.g. a person with a mental illness or psychiatric disorder that alters their state of mind causing different behaviours and actions?

It is for those reasons that I would still revert to a fit vs unfit discussion for gun control.

One of the places that we see this type of discussion taking place is if someone, who is indicted for a crime, claims insanity. They are tested to determine their fitness for court and if they are insane. While the gun control criteria may be different, it would follow a similar logic.

What do you think?

Writer. Into politics, heritage, environment and crypto/future. Love a tough debate and intellectual discussions.

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