Hey Roy,

Thanks so much for the mention — I really do appreciated it.

As I read your piece, I started thinking about my handwriting too. And, I am ambidextrous so writing with both and knowing a few different alphabets gets a little scary!

On a serious note, I agree that you have to evoke that emotion from your readers. It’s the way you can connect with them and they climb into the piece. I almost like to imagine it like a honey pot. They climb in and they can’t get out, because it’s just too good for them. For me, if that happens, then a writer has done his or her job — hooked me in.

And, that feedback is so important. It not only makes one a better writer, but it’s free publicity. Your readers can either be your ambassadors or your haters. And, haters aren’t necessarily bad, because they may challenge you to think in other ways and change you perspective. In doing so, you may find that you connect with another audience that you never thought would be drawn to your writing.

I enjoyed your piece.

Happy writing!



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