Global Warming: Human Initiated Evolution

Adam E. Badenhorst
6 min readOct 15, 2018
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The world is heating up with very hot temperatures seen in Spain and Portugal during 2018. We are experiencing stronger hurricanes and typhoons that cause catastrophic damage. Further, glaciers are melting in the Arctic, and permafrost is melting in Alaska. Assuming that we have already experienced evolution once, global warming is an upcoming evolution that will change homo sapiens and other species, plant and animal alike, forever. For now, the focus will be purely on the human population which could reach some level of extinction.


The concept of evolution differs dramatically from the creationist view. A creationist argues that God has made all things. The biblical account in Genesis defines the way God created all things, and in which order. There are 7 days in which things were made including human beings. This contrasts against the evolution theory.

Evolution has its roots in the ‘tree of life’ concept where all things came from one place. Different species come naturally rather than being created through a divine being. Charles Darwin did work in the Galapagos Islands where he came up to this theory.

In particular, Darwin suggested that species evolve along the lines of ‘survival of the fittest’. Fitness doesn’t refer to the physical health of a species, rather it refers to a species ability to survive and can reproduce. It suggests that over time, species evolve and adapt to their surroundings where they can successfully reproduce. This watered down version of evolution and creationism briefly outlines the difference between the two. But, it doesn’t explain how humans can influence evolution this time round.

Perfect storm of humans and Mother Nature clashing

Humans contributed to the warming of the planet through industrialisation and use of fossil fuels. An example of that would be the use of coal in many industrial processes. Coal is considered a fossil fuel that when burnt emits carbon dioxide. The carbon dioxide emission leads to the warming of the planet.

It’s no surprise that continued carbon dioxide emissions have led to the environmental impacts seen so far today. As a result, humans need to cope with the increasing temperatures. At the…



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