• Paul Scott Jr

    Paul Scott Jr

    Human. Father. Veteran. Author.

  • Jan Samborski

    Jan Samborski

  • Tonya S. Ware

    Tonya S. Ware

    Live healthy, age well, laugh, and have fun. Let’s make it happen. tonyasware@gmail.com

  • Donald Reid

    Donald Reid

  • Ref Digoamaye

    Ref Digoamaye

    Great desire to innovate and remain sanguine. Does not like wearing pants. Prefers to count backward from 10. Mufasa’s ex-bodyguard (RIP).

  • Appsee


    Qualitative app analytics lets you watch user session recordings and touch heatmaps for every screen, for a deep understanding of UX + user behavior. Appsee.com

  • Leandro Ruiz

    Leandro Ruiz

    Data Scientist & Creative Guy. I write about Self Development, Knowledge, Personal Finances and life in general.

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