Female Pioneering Entrepreneurship and Contribution to Business

Introduction. Women’s participation in the workforce, in education, and in politics has increased over the last 20–30 years. They continue to educate themselves and enter business or other areas. A recent Gallup study has shown that women make better managers than men do as Victor Limpan points out. While this article doesn’t wish to start a sexist battle, it does highlight the importance women have in business. It also highlights female heroines in entrepreneurship and their contribution to the business world.

Why More Women? Besides the scientific, biological differences between men and women, women have contributed extensive knowledge. Unfortunately, women have not been given the adequate credit and space to flourish until some time ago. In today’s society, we still can see severe discrimination. In time, things will change as anything does take change. This diversity also leads to better success as well.

Diversity can bring its challenges, its advantages and its disadvantages as David Ingram points out. However, diversity’s overall benefits include better results and cohesiveness. Of course that is not to say that a lot of work must be put in to make it right. A lot of contribution has gone to female entrepreneurship. It is for this reason that I believe women should receive more recognition. In particular, I think such recognition can provide healthy competition in the business world.

This competition allows us to ensure sustainability, fair consumer pricing, and innovative solutions. Innovation is so important. I believe women have contributed a big part to innovation that sometimes we forget. I am not sure if we are always providing the credit that we should to those women. I read a recent article about a women in China who worked in a factory, and later become a successful entrepreneur. She had all the skills needed from the factory work, so she could leave the factory and start up her own business!

Conclusion. This is not to say that men can’t or don’t do that either. However, I wanted to take this moment to dedicate this piece to all the women out there of different generations who have contributed. We need to recognise everyone fairly. Research has shown diversity’s contributions to success and how we can best use diversity for advantageous growth. It is for this reason we need more women especially millennials to get involved!

Writer. Into politics, heritage, environment and crypto/future. Love a tough debate and intellectual discussions.

Writer. Into politics, heritage, environment and crypto/future. Love a tough debate and intellectual discussions.