Covid-19 Broke President Trump

Adam E. Badenhorst
3 min readApr 24, 2020
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The Covid-19 outbreak has brought many challenges around the world for different countries. Some countries handled well, and others didn’t do so well. Taking a quick look at Europe, Italy didn’t cope well at all. Italian people suffered and continue to suffer. Sadly, the recovery may require months or even years. The United States has fared far worse — President Trump is broken.

The President tried to pick up some points with his daily press conferences. These press conferences are MAGA rallies for his supporters to cheer him on. It is abundantly clear that the President chose this platform to rally his base. After all, he cannot go to different states and host these rallies. This choice implies that the President, in his true colours, spends more time praising himself or suggesting that governors should appreciate him.

The President has gone so far as to flick papers naming locations, suggest Blue Falcons will fly overhead to pay hommage to healthcare workers and admit that states didn’t receive and he doesn’t know where they are. Such language may confuse listeners. The President often slurs when he speaks.

At the same time as the Covid19 outbreak goes on, some news like Iran and China have popped up. China has become the universal scapegoat for which the President blames most. He uses this platform to prepare for the upcoming 2020 election battle against presumptive Democrat nominee Joe Biden. In doing so, he has referenced or implicated Biden in receiving 1.5m USD from China.

The above messaging around China has become the central election messaging for the GOP at large. The GOP bears the unfortunate consequence that the President, in his unleashed fashion, has broken this alignment. Arguably, the President’s business financing with the Chinese national banks implicates the President in potentially shady business. The emoluments clause prohibits the President to profit from business activities.

While the President may wriggle himself out of this mess, he may not wriggle out of the stained image he has of his job in the White House. At each White House press conference, the President looks tired. Now, granted that he is working a lot with the pandemic, his health condition looks poor. Some have argued that he has dementia or at least the early onset of dementia. This observation may be correct and certainly not surprising given the slurring and behaviour he exhibits.

The bottom line is that this pandemic has shown that the President cannot cope with it. He is incapable of providing a national strategy to empower the states in their fight to deal with the pandemic. Instead, the President has rallied his supporters to protest, he has made shady business dealings with China, and he has said he would shoot down Iran’s gunboats.

Regardless of party affiliation, is this the person who should be the US President in 2021?

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