Covid-19–Precursor to 21st Century Bio-Warfare

Adam E. Badenhorst
6 min readMay 11, 2020

Warfare existed since the dawn of the human race. It has evolved in the form of nuclear or even chemical weapons — a sword or rifle won’t work. Further, warfare has changed so much that we enter a new way — bio-warfare. It may seem surreal to some that we are now talking about bio-warfare. The reason being that such a concept may only appear in some sci-fi film. However, Covid-19 has exposed the world’s weakness in responding to the pandemic. Besides, the virus shows how easily millions of people become infected and tragically die with one or two people infected.

Ease of Transmission

We have seen the power of pandemics before like SARS or MERS. In comparison, Covid-19 dwarfs the other coronaviruses out there. By comparison:

  • Covid-19: 4,152,670 cases (at the time of this writing)
  • MERS: 2,519 cases
  • SARS: 8,439 cases

Source: Medical News Today and Johns Hopkins University

Covid-19 has many more cases than either of its cousins. Also, let us have a look at the breakdown by country:

The picture lights up and shows Europe and the United States most hard hit by the virus. Now, there may be some discrepancies in reporting — not much we can do to convince Governments to report every case. Regardless, the picture gives us a glimpse that the world is very interconnected thanks to globalisation. At the same time, globalisation is weak and incentivises a survival mechanism.

Globalisation’s Failures

Some tout the globalisation’s benefits, namely that we are interconnected. To some extent, this interconnection exists. Trade and commerce are interdependent on others, start with raw materials to manufacturing and final to end product sales — essential supply chain. Further, travel and similar industries allow for the blurring of any boundaries. Sounds rosy.

It sounds too rosy to be true. Fact is that several institutions have differing opinions. Too stringent Government may take away from humans’ rights, and that…



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