COVID-19 Lockdown Makes Me Angry Towards Family

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he COVID-19 pandemic continues to rage on. It doesn’t seem like there is an end in sight. I’ve been stranded at home. As a result, I have become exceedingly angry and impatient with my family. I can’t even believe that I have allowed myself to become angry this way. Partially, it’s due to having three small ones at home and working full time.

That’s not entirely an excuse but what it is is me trying to justify my behaviour to myself. I can honestly say that I have become irritable and nothing is good enough. I am short with my kids. I’m intolerable towards my wife. And, the best part is the coronavirus is not their fault at all.

I want to say now that if you’re in that situation, I get it. If you’re not there, then I’m asking you not to allow yourself to become hostile to your family. It’s tough, but it’s necessary. My behaviour is causing difficulties in my family life. There is an improvement because I have done a few things that I’d like to share with you in hopes that you may find it practical.

#1 Walk Outside

Give yourself 15–20 minutes every day and take a walk by yourself. I found that the early afternoon seems to be a boiling point for me where I’ve had enough. I grab the chance while my kids are having their afternoon nap, and I don’t have any meetings. I go as far as blocking my calendar for 30 minutes, so I have that chance. You can do the same.

#2 Listen to Music

As cliche as it sounds, listening to music has done wonders for me. I have discovered some new genres of which I’ve not yet heard. And I love it. It gives me an outlet to zone out and hear something new. I have a chance to do my work listening to music and having a break.

#3 Spend More Time with Family

This one may sound counter-intuitive. But, it honestly has made a lot of difference. In spending time with the kids, I have grown closer to them and learned more about them. I have learned to adjust to their moods too since I came to realise that this lockdown is very hard for them. I learned so much about them and what they like to do.

In doing so, I can find something that I enjoy to do with them. In other words, we see a mutual way to spend time together. Colouring a book is a stress reliever unto itself. Admittedly, I have caught myself enjoying to colour with them and see the joy it brings them. Now, that is only one example, but you may find yourself something different.

#4 Writing and Journalling More

Recently, I have found myself writing more about what I like to write. It gives me something to do, and it also gives me some meaning that I may not have had previously. There was a specific meaning that I was missing while I was thinking about this pandemic. I was adjusting to 100% working from home and being at home with my family 24/7.

At the same time, I have a little paper and pen that I use for journaling. I don’t share it with anyone and keep it hidden at the bottom of a desk drawer. I could write a great deal about journalling’s benefits, but I’ll spare that from you here and now.

Now, you’ve got four things that may seem like they’re easy to do. And, they are, and perhaps you do them. My problem was I did them, but I didn’t make time to do them consistently. And, there is one last thing that I will leave you with — love your family because they love you and should always be first.

I’m glad you finished reading this piece in its entirety. I hope that you find the info in here meaningful to keep you balanced through this challenging period.

Writer. Into politics, heritage, environment and crypto/future. Love a tough debate and intellectual discussions.

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