Controversy and disruption to build your voice

Adam E. Badenhorst
3 min readApr 8, 2018

I am a big fan of telling my opinion, and stirring a bit of controversy while doing it. It has helped me develop my voice especially in writing. Apart from that, we have often heard another popular word ‘disruptor’ or its variant ‘disruption.’ I think these two words go hand in hand. Let’s talk about each one separately, and how they may work together to build your voice.

What about controversy?

People often believe that controversy has a negative connotation. In most cases it does, but that does not mean that it’s ALWAYS negative. I think we have become too sensitive to this word and have shied aware from the face of controversy. You can only achieve once you raise hell. I am a big fan of raising hell and stick to your point. On a side note, there is a fine line of controversy depending upon your appetite for potential trouble!

Now, what about disruption?

Here is a complete revolution and change. You have reached a level where the new concept or the new technology has revolutionised the way we are doing things. Or, take it that some piece of legislation was passed and it has a profound effect on the people. Whichever way you look at, disruption is not only raising hell but making damn sure to enforce change. It’s not just a stir, but a stir with an attitude!

Controversy, disruption or both?

I don’t think they are mutually exclusive, and instead rely heavily on each other. I would wager to argue that controversy precedes disruption. You have to have a few waves ahead of the storm so to speak. Take AI as a great example — it’s very controversial yet totally disrupting the way we are doing things. It’s a matter of progress and something that you need to take on.

Naturally, I would argue that some situations are more controversial than others. If you want to take the the risk of entering into a more controversial subject, then you must manage the more shots you will receive. I think that you can use this as an opportunity to grow and learn.

Building your voice

I can say for myself that I firmly believe in making waves to upset the status quo particularly on issues that matter to me. You can do the same thing and build your voice in this way. Of course, you should always find those issues, and recognise that sometimes a voice is naturally there for some. I can safely say that I am very opinionated and not afraid to share my opinion either verbally or in a written form. Truth be told, I do prefer a written form to express my opinion.

Others may not be, and it’s those people who need need to build their voice.

For now, I am going to leave you to think about how you can build your voice with controversy and disruption.

Final Thoughts

There are issues all around us. These issues are often controversial and disruptive in how we are doing things.

You can choose to write or speak about them, and in doing so build your voice.

Controversy doesn’t always need a negative connotation yet people usually make that association. It can be a situation where it’s controversial and has an extremely positive connotation (or at least it should). A controversy that builds enough momentum can lead to a disruption.

It’s entirely your choice how you choose to build your voice whether it be in a written form or in a verbal form — you choose! You need to select the issue that allows you to create controversy and disrupt. If you’re not opinionated, then it’s time for you to build a voice and get out there!

More coming on building your voice really soon!

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