Attention Democrats: Cut the Crap

Adam E. Badenhorst
2 min readAug 2, 2020
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There is an opportunity to make a huge difference. The Trump Administration has failed miserably. I think everyone is aware that Covid-19 is raging especially in the South. It’s really difficult to wake up in the morning and know that we have lost more than 150,000 Americans. The moment of reckoning is upon us when it could have been prevented if there was a real leader in the White House.

We all know that President Trump is anything but a leader. It is for this reason that Democrats have a chance to ride the blue wave and win both chambers of Congress and the Presidency. This win is made possible by the unprecedented desire of disenfranchised conservatives supporting Biden. People realise that President Trump is taking care of his needs and following his master’s wishes. That’s all good and well except for one major problem. Democrats are unable to put together a strong coalition and unite all different segments with the party — identify politics is missing here.

I have seen several posts from Sanders’ supporters and other progressives who refuse to vote for Biden. I get that Biden is not the ideal candidate. I also understand that he may not be as progressive as Sanders or Warren. I keep asking myself why anyone would want to continue another four years of Trumpism. It’s only going to destroy the country and make things more difficult.

Let’s face it, Democrats have a chance to recapture the SW in places like Arizona, potentially capture Texas, and even North Carolina or Ohio. There are real chances to do something positive. The potential wins change the political landscape for the next four years. I never dreamed of such a change within the American political landscape, and such change needs to happen right now.

More importantly, a wipe out of Republicans who are currently in office, enabling the President, means that conservatism in American will be reborn. There is no doubt in my mind that such a rebirth is needed. In addition, it gives everyone on the political spectrum a chance to participate in a national dialogue about civil rights, where we are politically, what our goals are and what path we need to be on.

In conclusion, Democrats need to get it together already, and people should swallow their pride. There is a chance to do good and represent the American people once and for all. The coalition of those behind Democrats (well Biden and even other Congressional candidates) continues to grow — I am one of those people. People can identity with the situation, with the needs, and with the candidate. Don’t waste an amazing opportunity due to internal spite under the veil of ‘Progressiveism’.

Adam E. Badenhorst

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