2020 US Presidential Election: America’s Desperate Wake-up Call

Adam E. Badenhorst
2 min readJun 19, 2019
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In the last few months, it has become increasingly apparent to me that America needs to change. The current presidency has ushered in a new era of politics. Whether you like it or not, that depends on which side of the aisle or divide you stand.

The last three years changed the political landscape. Trump’s election win proved that populism has become more popular around the world. Of course, this coincides with the Brexit referendum that saw the United Kingdom vote to leave the European Union. Now, we are approaching another election — a pivotal moment for many.

The 2020 Presidential election should not focus on Republicans or Democrats. Instead, we should focus on the fact that neither party can satisfactorily change the current landscape. Around 60 Democrats and potentially House speaker Pelosi push for impeachment. Many Republicans like Senator Lindsey Graham or Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell focus on Trump winning the presidency as evidenced by Graham’s proclamation to move on from the Mueller Report and McConnell’s claim of presidential harassment.

Whether you are a Democrat pushing for impeachment or a Republican that enjoys the Trumpian style of conservatism, either side is not winning. The deadlock in Washington, failure of foreign policy, and America’s position globally all point towards weakness. Yes, the economy is growing, and Trump can use that to his advantage — he should. But, this gridlock and lack of cohesiveness don’t benefit Americans, albeit the majority of Americans, most of whom voted for Donald Trump.

Americans need to realise that America has reached a constitutional precipice to the point where their needs fall on the wayside. To solve this problem, Americans need an independent candidate who can unify Americans with a centrist ideology. Such a centrist ideology takes the best of both worlds by putting Americans’ interests first to deal with 21st Century problems. These problems are immigration, healthcare, the economy (even though it’s performing well at this moment), and others.

The likelihood of such candidate ever running and winning the presidential election drops to zero due to the powerful lobbyist groups and others who control the political system with their money. But, the state of the current, corrupt political system of one of the most powerful countries on Earth should be a wake-up call to Americans. This wake-up call applies to everyone regardless of your political affiliation.

The year 2020 may be the election that raises enough alarms to change the two-party system and allow Americans the real freedom to select a true representative of their beliefs and values.

The time is now for Americans to consider their future. Young Americans hold power to make the country a better place for their future. Nothing else matters.



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