10 good reasons to be thankful and consistently give thanks

Adam E. Badenhorst
2 min readMay 20, 2018
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Everyone talks about gratitude, but what does it really mean. I think we often take things for granted. Well, I know I did except when a life event came my way and change my life forever.

It was difficult to expect that I was soon going to have a family. I was really worried about what to do, what to expect, and most importantly what the hell was going to happen. Truth be told, nobody could put me up for what has happened so far. That was in 2015 and now we are already nearly halfway through 2018.

As such, I have 10 good reasons to be thankful and be reminded to remain humble at all times.

#1 Grown-up perspective

Nobody could have possibly predicted that my family would have changed my perspective. They turned me into a better person. I had to start thinking about other things other than myself. My reality completely changed.

#2 My career changed

I left a job that had been good — I learned a lot. Problem is that it went stale and I wasn’t able to gain anymore. I was given the opportunity to leave and get started with something different. Definitely not what I expected, but it’s been an adventure nevertheless.

#3 Travelling

I have had the opportunity to travel and see some different places. By far, my heart was in Moscow when I saw the Red Square — a life dream come true.

#4 Good health

I think this one is self-explanatory

#5 Safe home

I left an unsafe environment and came to one that I never though about living in and it’s been safe. It’s calm, peaceful, and a good way to have a family.

#6 A loving family

Yes, it’s really powerful to know you have a family that I can come home to that loves me unconditionally. It’s something we should never take for granted.

#7 New opportunities

Yes, I’ve had the chance to catch on new opportunities through meeting different people and reading new stuff.

#8 Developing my writing

Someone once told me that I can’t write. They told me that I have it in me. Well, they were wrong and I am learning and improving my writing every day.

#9 Creativity

I have found a creative side of myself that I didn’t know I had.

#10 Happiness

I found it and living a happy life that I couldn’t trade for anything else.

Final Thoughts

Now, those are my 10 reasons. What are yours? It’s time to write a list down and give thanks for them and anyone who helps you reach that reason or has directly participated in that reason.



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