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I was in a coaching session some time ago looking for some direction. Yes, I will admit to you first that I have a coach. The coach really helps me think about what I am doing and in reflecting on what I should or should not be doing. I finally came to a personal mission statement that helps me achieve my overall goal. This mission statement is the grounds for any business I found or career that I will pursue.

The five key values that I hold are these ones:

  • Partnership
  • Networking
  • Authenticity
  • Engagement
  • Communication

Now, I’ll hold on to…

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Wednesday, January 6th, 2020, was a dark day in the United States. President Trump organised a “protest” that quickly turned into a riot. There were several key Trump allies who played their part in the insurrection that later took place in the capital, Washington D.C.. We can start with Josh Hawley, Mo Brooks, and Rudy Giuliani as the key instigators to the attack. However, there is one party that is now coming to light too — Capitol Police.

The Capitol Police allowed the rioters to enter the Capitol. The rioters stormed in and destroyed property and stole Nancy Pelosi’s computer…

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The 2020 US Presidential election has come and gone. The results of the election remain under scrutiny for those on the right supporting the President. For those who supported and/or voted for Biden acknowledge that Biden won the Presidential election. In fact, the world acknowledges Biden is the next US President, taking office on January 20, 2021. Thus, we find ourselves in this conundrum of the President refusing to accept the election and those who accept the election. The direct result of the President’s refusal to accept the election outcome, and his allies’ election fraud election campaign propaganda, sets the…

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There is an opportunity to make a huge difference. The Trump Administration has failed miserably. I think everyone is aware that Covid-19 is raging especially in the South. It’s really difficult to wake up in the morning and know that we have lost more than 150,000 Americans. The moment of reckoning is upon us when it could have been prevented if there was a real leader in the White House.

We all know that President Trump is anything but a leader. It is for this reason that Democrats have a chance to ride the blue wave and win both chambers…

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President Trump’s signature messaging is MAGA (Make America Great Again) — let’s not even talk about KAG (Keep America Great) since that’s fallen away. We all know the nationalist roots behind that messaging. At an initial glance, it seems inspiring and one of the reasons he won the 2016 US Presidential election.

There was a promise made to all Americans that many have not heard in a long time or even their lifetimes. Part of that promise is patriotism putting America first above all else. The sheer promise and making Americans feel unified under this banner of ‘patriotism’ is great…

Warfare existed since the dawn of the human race. It has evolved in the form of nuclear or even chemical weapons — a sword or rifle won’t work. Further, warfare has changed so much that we enter a new way — bio-warfare. It may seem surreal to some that we are now talking about bio-warfare. The reason being that such a concept may only appear in some sci-fi film. However, Covid-19 has exposed the world’s weakness in responding to the pandemic. …

The former Vice President is in his third presidential bid. This time around, he faces off against Donald Trump as the presumptive Democratic nominee. The way he got to this position happened suddenly with a win in South Carolina that all but saved his campaign. Then, he followed up with a crushing Super Tuesday blowout specifically in Texas. Now, Biden faces a tough road ahead. He needs to excite young voters in the Sanders camp, answer sexual assault claims, and most importantly show he is the better alternative — a much lower bar than previously.

Exciting young voters

Younger voters often flocked to…

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The COVID-19 pandemic continues to rage on. It doesn’t seem like there is an end in sight. I’ve been stranded at home. As a result, I have become exceedingly angry and impatient with my family. I can’t even believe that I have allowed myself to become angry this way. Partially, it’s due to having three small ones at home and working full time.

That’s not entirely an excuse but what it is is me trying to justify my behaviour to myself. I can honestly say that I have become irritable and nothing is good enough. I am short with my…

The world, as we know, it will never return to where it was. The world was seemingly working reasonably well. Globalisation had been working with manufacturing and other industries running. Let’s not even dive in the rise of populism or something similar — that’s for another day. In general, the world was somehow working up until COVID19 showed up.

The disease showed up in China and began to cause lockdowns and shutting down of economies in many jurisdictions. Then, the supply chain stopped or at least severely hindered. Following that stoppage, more and more companies furloughed people or let go…

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The Covid-19 outbreak has brought many challenges around the world for different countries. Some countries handled well, and others didn’t do so well. Taking a quick look at Europe, Italy didn’t cope well at all. Italian people suffered and continue to suffer. Sadly, the recovery may require months or even years. The United States has fared far worse — President Trump is broken.

The President tried to pick up some points with his daily press conferences. These press conferences are MAGA rallies for his supporters to cheer him on. It is abundantly clear that the President chose this platform to…

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